Winner of the 50 Over 50 Award!

lighthouse lemonade wise 50 over 50 award

It’s Canada’s 150th Birthday and there couldn’t be a better time to recognize and celebrate Canadian Entrepreneurs over the age of 50! That’s why Wendy Mayhew set up the inaugural 50 Over 50 Awards as part of her WISE – Seniors in Business initiative. WISE’s goal is to help encourage careerists achieve their business start-up goals by equipping them with the requisite skills, knowledge, resources and confidence that it takes to stand out among competitors in the marketplace. WISE acknowledges that entrepreneurs over 50 often have the Wisdom, Initiative, Skills and Experience that allows them to successfully reach their goals, and the 50 Over 50 Awards aims to recognize these accomplishments.

Judges from across Canada and the US were given the task of going through the many applicants and choosing the cream of the crop. Considering the outstanding talent and innovation of entrepreneurs across the country, we are very proud to announce that our very own Jill Fisher – founder and CEO of Lighthouse Lemonade, and keeper of the secret recipe! – is a winner!  

Jill began her journey creating Lighthouse Lemonade Inc. when she was 50 years young, based on the centuries-old Maritime family recipe that she believed needed to be shared beyond the east coast. As a direct descendant of Charles Fisher, one of the fathers of confederation, the legacy of the recipe was strong, tracing its roots all the way back to the beginning of Canada as a nation. Low sugar and a small carbon footprint combined with the amazing flavour of the all-natural lemonade set the recipe up to be a success, and Jill knew when the time was right to introduce it to the marketplace. Her entrepreneurial spirit, love of lemonade and a lot of hard work has paid off – and Lighthouse Lemonade is now available to consumers in five provinces across Canada!

Jill ensures that she gives back to the community in more ways than just gifting them with refreshing, lemony deliciousness. An integral part of the business process at Lighthouse Lemonade is hiring high school and university students as the production team. This gives youngsters valuable work experience and provides both an opportunity and an open, collaborative environment for operational excellence and strategic thinking that will benefit them in their future careers. Not only that, but the staff agree that Lighthouse Lemonade is a great place to work! You’ll likely spot our bottles off the shelves too, as Lighthouse Lemonade is a regular feature at fundraising events, from donations to food banks in the local communities of Fergus and Guelph to annual events such as Tour de Guelph, Ottawa Cancer Foundation’s Epic Walk and the Ottawa Lemonade Standemonium.

Congratulations Jill – here’s to many more glasses of Lighthouse Lemonade!

Lighthouse Lemonade Canada

Thank you to Wendy Mayhew, entrepreneur and founder of WISE – Seniors in Business for creating this exposure and recognition for entrepreneurs in business.